Salzburg gurgelt

It’s so easy!

It's so easy!

Pick up your test set

This service is free of charge and available as long as stocks last. Each person can be issued one test set containing 10 PCR test kits. The same person may pick up another test set after 14 days.

Please note: When picking up a test set, please register on the app and select “Pick up your test set now” just before you go to the checkout of your chosen participating SPAR MARKT. This starts a timer giving you 60 minutes to get your test set. All you then need to do at the checkout is show the cashier the timer.

Log in & take the test

Log in with the data you used when registration and take one of the test kits out of your set. Prepare your test kit as instructed and click on “I am now taking a sample” to record your exact time of testing. This step is the key to calculating the validity period of your test result. Please proceed as instructed.

If you already have a user account, you can log in anytime by clicking on “Log in” and register your test kit directly.

Drop off your sample at a drop-off point

Put your sample in a collection container.
Please note:
Drop your test off before 10am. If you drop it off after 10am, your results will be delayed by one day.

Samples are not collected on Sundays and bank holidays.

Get your result


You will receive a text message as soon as your result is available. This text message also contains a link to a PDF with your results. The requested password is your date of birth.

Please be mindful that your test results may be delayed.

Find a pick-up or drop-off point near you

The samples are collected daily at 10am, with the exception of Sundays and bank holidays.
Please take note of the opening hours of your chosen pick-up or drop-off point.

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Yes. It doesn’t cost you anything to take the test.

Please don’t eat or drink anything or brush your teeth or use mouthwash 30 minutes before doing the test, as this may result in an invalid sample.

You will generally receive your result the following day, provided that you put your sample in a collection container in time, i.e. before the daily collection time. You will find the collection times at the drop-off points themselves.

Please allow for possible delays:
Possible reasons for delays could be insufficient sample quality, further analyses in case of a positive result in the pool, or an incorrectly performed test and/or registration.

If you test positive for SARS-CoV-2, you will be contacted by the authorities, who will also tell you how to proceed.

In Kooperation:


Mit 31. März 2023 endet das PCR-Testangebot „Salzburg Gurgelt“. Nähere Informationen dazu erhalten Sie unter: